Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Basic Package from Amazon

For those who would like, Creighton is willing to purchase the following basic package from and you could reimburse him upon delivery.
1 amazing light
1 sheet (slip in kind)
1 towel (dries quickly)
Package price about $70 - $75 including shipping. Just email Creighton direct. Don't delay. These items are listed in Kevin's "boy scout" post. Check it out or phone him for more details. Better to be prepared!


  1. Kevin put together an awesome package for traveling in comfort and being able to enjoy our time in Mussorrie.

    Additionally, I added "Jet Lag" from the Magellan sight that pilot friends of mine use and swear by it. It'll keep you alive and alert & we can hit the ground running.

  2. I also bought one of those "compression" bags that helps maximize your packing space. Eagle Creek makes it for about $10. It's basically a giant zip-lock bag with a one-way air valve.

    Don't forget your electric converters. I got mine at the Sharper Image for $40.