Friday, October 12, 2007

Blog Sample

Aloha All,

Thanks for an awesome meeting last night! God has set things in motion for us and I know it will be an incredible trip for everyone.

Here is a sample of a blog for everyone to look at and see if this meets our needs. It's pretty straight forward and can be used by all. Please leave feedback or if you have another site that's better, right on!

Contacted Iolani, Kamehameha and Extreme Soccer for left over balls. Should have more than enough for our trip.


  1. Hello, I emailed Asish about their Internet provider and this is his response: "the name of my cell phone company is IDEA, the name of the phone company in the children home is BSNL, and the Microsoft Internet Explorer in the boy's home is provided by Sify Gold, but we use the BSNL phone line for Internet" I hope this helps! Thanks everybody and have a great weekend. Yumi

  2. I am getting excited about this trip and the hearts that are involved are crazy awesome!!! Please begin to train yourself into Godliness by praying, fasting, getting into the word, memorizing scripture, worshipping Him, ,etc. One Team Mussoorie!

  3. This is a first for me on a blog, This is a great way of communication. Just a thought on the checked luggage, I think we will need to check luggage if we are planning on bringing tools to leave behind and do some work. Also need to pack a change of clothes for both coming and going during the layover in Taipei hotel since I dont think we are going to have access to our bags. Any thoughts on bringing tools, it may be handy to fix cars if they break down. Going to activate our prayer warriors on this side to start praying for us. I think it is awesome the team makeup and the fact that the type A people have no idea why they are going except that God told them to......Who said God doesnt have a sense of humor

  4. We were able to find micro fiber body towels at Blush in Kahala Mall for about $30.

    After Thursday's meeting, I feel so priviledged to be apart of this team. I'm thankful for Creighton's and Yumi's leadership. I feel reassured by Raymond and David being with us. I look at Dean and Jill as parents I hope to be and pray that my Courtney can be as odedient and faithful as Arden (in 10 years when she's 14 years old).

    I look forward to getting to know all of you more over the next few weeks. Let me know if there's anything I can do.