Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Educational update

Jesus Warriors:

Educational update:

I have been really praying about what we should do about the educational aspect of this trip that I was put in charge of. I know Yumi wants to visit Woodstock and see if we can get a few of the boys enrolled but I don't think this is the answer. I will contact them and tentatively set up a meeting just in case. What really hit my heart was when yumi said that most of the girls are there not because they are orphans but they were abandoned by their family because they accepted Christ into their heart. What message did Christians (Not us but Past) convey to the Indians about what a Christian is and what Christ stands for. Have we already lost the battle in India if by accepting Jesus one has to accept becoming an orphan and abandoned by their family. We really have a battle on our hands and I really believe we must pray about what our mission is, maybe that is why God put together this most unique team of business people, prayer warriors and children of Faith on this team. Jesus used 11 disciples to bring the Truth to the World. Maybe He will use us 11 to change India or Mussoorie with the Truth. As I was praying I received this article, please read and pray about what is said in this article and lets share with each other what we think about what we should be doing about educating the orphans and abandoned children.
Wouldn't it be great if we could reunite these girls with their family and allow them to share the TRUTH with their family, I really believe this is what JESUS would do and want us to do. Please pray and share because I don't know how we can accomplish this. This is the burden of my heart and I am lifting it up to Jesus in Prayer.

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  1. Just a follow up to mu posting, I attached this message and article in a email to everyone but if you need a copy please let me know. I was going over a great hawaii web site: www.wholeworld.net and found a new video stream on it about God's Aloha.

    I am copying a quote from the web site about ALOHA, I believe we will all be educated about GOD'S ALOHA. Go and see the whole video and be touched.


    "Aloha" is a lesson for the world

    In Hawaii there is a term called "aloha". This is not just a word but a way of life. The way of life that Jesus spoke about when he said "love others as I have loved you". In this excerpt from "The Promise: The 4th World Christian Gathering of Indigenous People" we experience a spiritual breakthrough.

    Our Jewish brother Arni Klien shares two significant revelatioins that affect us all. First, how he experienced "aloha" in Hawaii and how it is key to what God wants to do on the earth. When we truly love each other God will allow us to rule and riegn in his name.

    Arni goes on to share about how the restoration of the First Nations people is a significant part of what God is doing on the earth today. This revelation refers to Romans 11 and the restoration of Israel.

    When we say to God "your Kingdom come, your will be done", what are we really saying? Is God much bigger and more amazing that we can comprehend or imagine? Would he not give each people group of the Earth something special? Find the simple answers here.

  2. David, I think you brought up very important perspective of the girls' situation. God wants us to look at all possible solutions and look at the big picture with "truth" in mind. In the end, what is the best thing for these girls and the orphans in Mussoorie. We need to be very careful in how we help them...answers can only come from God. I look forward to praying with you and the team on this "educational update". Thanks for your heart and taking this one step deeper and real.