Friday, October 19, 2007

Email from Asish

Dear Team,

This is an email from Asish (leader of Boys Home) response to my email asking to see if it's okay for us to set up high speed internet access with a computer. I think we are on the same page with Asish and glad to know of his amazing heart for the boys. I think it'll be great if I invite the leaders in India to our blog so we can start the relationship & communication. I will email Asish letting him know that we are not going there to "provide for them" but to see what God has in mind for us all.

Dear Ellen
It's time for us to work out to gain self respect in the boys.
I don't want them to grow in the impression that through out their lives they will be receiving gifts from others.
We have seen a draw back of the facilities that are given here in the Home. Well most of the boys are from destitute families; in their homes they have literally nothing. Then we take them and give them the best we can afford. They get anything they need to make themselves happy. But at the end of the year what we achieved nothing but some well trained dependent boys.
Oh it's high time for us to make them to do something for their own benefits.
I am trying to get hold of few people who are working to help a Home like ours. Let them come here few times a year and teach the boys crafts, or anything that can help the boy when he moves out of this place. If we need to we can pay for these people who can teach the boys some handy jobs. Don't misunderstand me. I am as jubilant as I could be about your coming. But it has been in my heart since few months about how we can give the boys a sense of self respect. And just few days back I got hold of a man who is willing to facilitate few people who can come here and train these boys. Oh I got so excited. This is what I have been seeking since months. I think the Lord has answered at the right time. Just prior to your coming and I am sharing with you. I think the Lord has a bigger purpose in joining us together.
In this December the school sessions will be finished. All these years we have been paying for their school fees, Uniforms etc. But I think for the boys above 12 years, we have to soon bring something for them to work and earn at least some to help in their studies.
I am tired of receiving funds for our livelihood. Well I know the smaller kids can't work. We need to have something for their up bearings. But if they see the elder boys working they will develop a different mind set from a very early age.
I don't want them to be float with prosperity free of cost let them earn it. There are always people who are willing to lift them up.
I am glad that you all are coming with an intention to have long term relationship with us. Let this bonding be as such that will give these boys a sense of self respect.
About purchasing a computer for the boys, we have got one right now that I have kept in my house, the boys are free to come anytime to use it. I think we are ok with one computer at present, in fact we had two computers but since the boys were not that keen on using both so I gave one computer to the girls.
well when you come may be then we will talk about it. I am always to have new things but my feelings say lets go little slower.
Please give me your thoughts in this
In His Service


  1. Yumi,

    Thank you for sharing Ashish's email. I believe it's very valuable for us as a Team to know firsthand how they (Asish & company) think and operate. Enrolling them in the blog will allow our relationship with them to begin now and flourish upon arrival. To add Ashish to our blog page, I will need his email address and I"ll take care of the rest.

    In His service,


  2. Hey Friends
    thanks for allowing me to join you.
    I am thrilled to see what's happening here, let's strive together to find out what God wants to do among us, and keep on practicing godliness.

  3. Aloha!!
    Jai Masih!(Praise the lord). this is Girish from mussoorie team. i am amazed how god is using you all to motivate us and Help our Boys to acheive their dreams and equiping them to face the future and lend a helping hand to stand on their own feet. we all are looking forward to meet the annointed warriors and leaders from NHDH. We appreciate the love and concern you share with us for our boys. god bless you mightly and use you all for the extension of his Kingdom.

  4. Thank you Jesus for the internet. I think God put together a lot of techies on this team for a reason. How small the world is as we witness right here on this blog. This is my first time to blog but I feel connected in a personal way now that Ashish and Girish can share their hearts with us. We are here to serve God through our gifts. For many have been called but few are chosen. It is an honor to be chosen to serve you as we serve our King.


  5. Still feel that a computer would be good for the kids if we can position it to be more than a computer but sort of the pipes for discipleship, relationship building with our team and our youth and young adults. First is we would like to incorporate video and internet phone. Second is how we leverage it intentionally for relationship building...both with the leaders there and the children. I am glad that the leaders already have access.

  6. This is my reply to Asish's email about the computer situation. I think it's good that I share it everyone so that we all understand the heart behind it.

    Dear Ashish,

    Thank you for the heart-felt email. I totally can see your amazing heart for the boys and I feel like we are on the same page.

    Our intention is not to "provide" for the boys but give them the tools they need to be responsible citizens of the world.

    Unless God tells us otherwise, this team was not intended on bringing anything to the Boys Home but just to hear from God and build relationship with the leaders and boys.

    But there are some basic "tools" we need in order to keep in touch with eachother and we felt that a high-speed connection was vital to building our relationship. I felt strongly that we needed better communication system for our long-term future together. I would also like to see if we can connect kids in Hawaii to kids in India through internet. I am also hoping that I can see the impact of the kids on the both sides as they get to know eachother and see the impact it has on learning through internet.

    One thing I know for sure is that God has big plans for boys in India. I have faith in that God has this amazing plan for both sides.
    I hope that we can be obedient and not let our pride or our will get in the way of what God is orchestrating.

    I love the fact that you have no other intentions but what is best for children in India. I think that's why this can work.

    Our team has grown to now 15 people and we have 4 ladies (including me) in the team.
    I am so excited as we have some amazing women with heart of servicing other women that are coming as I had seen visions of weeping ladies In Mussoorie.

    Thank you again for sharing your thoughts. I know your heart but please pray and goto God for you peace in everything we do.
    We want to be respectful of your culture, tradition, and really seeing the big picture of what's beneficial to the Boys Home and NOT what we can do or accomplish. Our ways are not the best - please guide us and pray for us so that we would only act after we hear from God.

    I would also like to invite you to our blog site. It's a place where our team communicates with eachother. Please feel free to post any messages and comment on previous messages.

    Please continue to email with any concerns. I look forward to seeing you in our blog.

    In Him,
    Yumi (Ellen)

  7. Aloha Ashish & Girish,

    It's so awesome that you joined our blog. Please feel free to share your hearts with us and help us by answering any questions we might have about our trip.