Friday, October 19, 2007

Funds for India


As we discussed at our meeting, we will not be setting up any type of fundraiser as we are limited in time. Creighton's suggestion to raise funds through our personal relationships has proven to be what God intended. I can tell you, God is truly working through us with this regard.

This morning, I received a call from my friend Roger who pledged $200.00 without my asking! I got to thinking, if we continue to approach our contacts for donations and in return allow them access to our blog site to see our progress it would "tie them into our mission" even further. As a Team we could update the site and upload photos during our time there. From a value standpoint, donors would be getting "a bigger bang for their bucks"!

Please share your thoughts freely on this matter.

Please continue to pray to the Lord our God for the preparation of our hearts for our trip. Please pray that we will continue to stregthen our bond as one team, Team Faith.

Let the countdown begin....... 26 days till we leave!

In His Service,



  1. Think that this is a great idea!!!! In fact, I was going to ask EVERYONE to put together a support letter (even if you do not need the funds because it can go toward the boy's home) and send it to at least 50 people (family, friends, business associates, customers, etc.) Please confirm that you have done this when completed and share your testimonies!!! Okay to give them the address to this sort of will be our virtual team. We just have to be more intentional on the way we post and use the blog for our trip logistics. We have a bright crew and I am sure we can figure it out as God's hand moves...Much Love!

  2. Please remember that all checks for support can be made out to NHDH-India Mission Team for tax purposes. Be sure to bless those who bless you and the team!