Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Global Development Program (Gates Foundation)

I came across this site and I thought I saw relevance and/or possible peep into a future big picture of our ministry . I feel that we are just a small mustard seed now but we have a potential to be a mighty life-giving tree that has all the components that this site mentions: agriculture, financial services, communication/technology/computers. We also have faith in our God - the most important gift of all. What are your thoughts?

Nearly 2.5 billion people live on less than $2 a day. For one person in eight, hunger is a constant, potentially deadly, companion. The vast majority of the poor also lack access to the most basic financial services and only a tiny minority have access to the Internet.
The foundation's Global Development Program is working with motivated partners to create opportunities for people to lift themselves out of poverty and hunger. Our strategy is focused. Because most of the world's poorest people rely directly on agriculture, we support efforts to help small farmers improve crop production and market access. Because loans, insurance, and savings can help people weather setbacks and build assets, we facilitate access to financial services for the poor. And because information can change lives, we support free public access to computers connected to the Internet.
We also support a range of learning opportunities, including potential new areas of long-term giving, and we respond to emergencies through our Special Initiatives grantmaking.

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