Tuesday, October 23, 2007

India Visa

We sent in our app the day we all met for the first time. it looks like I will get getting it back tomorrow. This new process is great and you can get your passport picture and send it fedex at Kinkos. Dont forget to attach a copy of your drivers license also. Hope this helps


Passport Status Information
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Applicant Name: David Matsuura
Application Number:***************
Visa Type: Tourist Visa - 10 Years Multiple Entry
Passport Status: Passport has been picked up/mailed out.
Sent Via: FedEx Tracking Number: 798791441356 (Please note that package tracking information may not show in the FedEx system immediately)
Order History
10/11/2007 12:19am PST
India visa application completed online
10/17/2007 12:43pm PST
Passport and supporting documents received, payment processed.
10/17/2007 12:50pm PST
Passport prepared to go to Embassy.
10/17/2007 3:18pm PST
Passport Arrives at Embassy for Visa Processing
10/22/2007 10:48am PST
Outsourcing office has verified the visa is processed correctly. Ready for pickup between 4:30pm and 6:00pm. If mail back, ready to be shipped.
10/22/2007 10:54am PST
Passport awaiting shipment at Outsourcing Office.
10/22/2007 11:12am PST
Passport has been picked up/mailed out.

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