Monday, October 15, 2007

Prayer Request

Aloha Team,

I was totally frazzled today as I drove over a plank with two nails sticking out on the freeway on my way to class. I thought flat tire would be the last thing I needed as I am so overwhelmed with school work and finance concerns over the trip. Sure enough, after class, my tire was flat. Luckily my carpool partner had AAA and I was able to come home safely but there was a guilt - as I felt I am again adding extra burden on my family over my little mishap. I questioned God...of why and timing of this mishap and realized how little faith I had! Please pray for me that enemy doesn't hinder my focus and test me through this important stage in our ministry. I am grateful that the tires didn't "pop" on the freeway and I was able to arrive at my destination safely - I felt God's protection in that sense.
I am realizing more than ever, I need to go deeper and closer to God at this critical time and not let hectic school life/false pressures of ministry rule over me. Fasting & prayer really sounds good. I guess I just needed a wake-up call. Let's all pray for protection for our team and our focus in God.

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  1. Yumi:

    Dont be discouraged, be encouraged you must be doing something right You are under attack because of who we serve and we are a threat. You are in our prayers. Stay the course and hold fast to HIS promises. Asking God to release His angels to protect the whole team and our families.

    Warrior in CHRIST