Monday, October 22, 2007

Re: Prayer Team and Devotions

Aloha Team India (Traveling Team),

Re: Prayer Team (Home Team):

I am writing to ask each of you to choose at least 5 people who will pray for you as your personal prayer team. When you have chosen your team, can you post their names and emails to this blog. I cannot tell you how important this is. Having done this before, this helped keep people safe and healthy, and made way for incredible miracles. Please choose this team by October 27, 2007. Thank you for taking this so seriously.

So the 75 or so members of this team will be called the Home Team. I propose that we have a potluck lunch for the entire team on the beach at Kaimana Beach Park on November 3 or 10th.


I have different members of the first Team India and leaders in our church to prepare devotions for us on this trip. They are preparing this now with the help of Barbara Gum. These devos will be in paper form for the Traveling Team, and will be posted to this blog so everyone can read what we are reading during the mission.

Feel free to critique or comment.

God bless us all!



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  2. Kiha,

    Thank you for preparing us spiritually for this mission trip. Here are the people who volunteered to be on my prayer team.

    Brad Totherow

    Terry & Yoko Kim

    Jonathan Asahi

    Aileen Saito

    Lee-Ann Brewer

    Stephen Gushiken


  3. Kiha,

    Here is my prayer team. I have also called Barbara to let her know:

    Dean Matro

    Barbara Gum

    Lee-Ann Brewer

    Renee Takahashi

    Patti Kodama

    I have asked Arden to put her prayer team together asap.

    jill :D