Monday, November 12, 2007

Background History on Boys and Girls

Please pray for these children...

Promod Chaudhary, Age 3, He is the youngest boy we have in our Home. He lost his mother inthe year 2006, and then his father abandoned him. When nobody was there to care for this child we stretched our hands to adopt him. He comes from Nepal, he does not know Hindi, but he has found his new home here as we see the smile in his little face.

Neeraj Singh, Age 4, He is one of our sweet boys in the Home. His father is a mentally retired person, wondering all over. He is as good as a dead man for this boy, because he can’t take care of himself.His mother found it impossible to sustain herself with the kids in the top of these Himalayan range so she kept the boy in our Home. This boy is going to school. Please pray for the father.

Suourav Singh, Age 5, He is the elder brother of Neeraj Singh. We took both the children in to our Home, knowing that the mother is not capable of taking care of theboys.

Rahul Singh, Age 6, He comes from a rag picker family. His father is not a normal man, little mentally challenged.

Anil Sharma, Age 6, He is a victim of the family fight. He comes from Nepal. When we received him, we got a letter about him that he is a complete orphan boy; the parents are killed in the terrorists attack. But later found that his grandmother had played a trick, giving away the daughter in second marriage to another man, in the absence of the father. The father came searching for him and seeing the selfless service in our Home, he accepted the Lord. Since he can’t give a safer place for the boy so he wants us to help him out in bearing up the boy.

Neeraj Kumar, Age 7, Suraj Kumar, Age 9,They lost their father in an electrical accident. The widow motherfound it impossible to take care of the children in the poor village so we gave them a home to grow.

Arjun Choudhary, Age 9,This boy had no legitimate father; his mother died in 2006, a boy who has no body take care except the Home where he stays in now.

Sandeep Upadhya, Age 8, A boy whose father and mother are divorced and none of them wants to own him.

Manish Kumar, Age8, Ganesh Kumar, Age 12, Their father died when they were very small, mother found it impossible to take care of these boys. If they had not found a shelter herethey would be wandering in the streets.

Pradeep Singh, Age 9, He is complete orphan boy.

Shubham Kumar, Age 9, He comes from a very destitute family.

Mahender P Arya, Age 13, He lost his mother in a very early age. The father’s capability to give the child a loving home and good education was slim.

Tilak Thapa, Age 14

Kamal Kumar, Age 18, They come from a roadside family. Their parents are daily wager who can’t give a future to the children except to make them illiterates like themselves and no bright future.

Avtar Thapa, Age13, He has a drunkard father who doesn’t care for the family.

Praveen Lal, Age 12, He comes from a very poor family. The father is not taking care of the family.

Prince Gupta, Age-13, He has no father. The widow mother finds it almost impossible to give a good atmosphere and a bright future to the child.

Ashish Kothyal, Age 13, He has no father. The widow mother finds it almost impossible to give a good atmosphere and a bright future to the child

Bablu Kelsang, Age 16, He is the first boy of our Home. He came here eight years before from Leh Ladakh. After the death of the mother his father sold him to a man. The new master was very cruel to him, so Bablu ran away from him to jungle and stayed there for a week eating the leaves then he managed to another village where the villagers gave the job to take care of their cattle. We found him there and by the request of the villagers we brought him to our Home.

Rahul Kumar, Age 13, He comes a family that has seen a lot of tragedy. His father had to go to jail, because of his own sister.

Amit Kaushal, Age 14, He comes from a village from the Himalayan region, from a very poor and destitute family.

Sanjay Kumar, Age 16, He lost his father in a very early age. His mother was unable to take care of him.

Ajay Thapa, Age 16, He comes from a roadside family. His parents are daily wager who can’t give a future to the children except to make them illiterates like themselves and no bright future.

Jai Dev, Age15, He became a mentally challenged boy since the day when he saw his deaf and dumb mother dying in the kerosene stove fire in front of his eyes. His father abandoned him and went away, no body knowswhere, as he saw him not to be a normal boy.

Gopal Ram, Age16, He is a complete orphan boy.

Guddu Pawar, Age 17, An orphan boy, his both legs were amputated when the doctor in his mistake cut off the spinal cord as he was doing operation in his back. He moves around with the help of a skate board.

Anita, Age- 16, Vinita, Age- 16, Their mother passed away while they were very small. Both these sisters were rescued from just before their own father was selling them to prostitution.

Mamta, Age-14, She comes from Nepal from a very tragic family, her own father abused her, the mother sent her here to protect her

Dolma, Age 15, She comes from Leh and she has no father. She has under gone many miseries in her such a young age.

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