Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bo's Send-Off Prayer

Bo Sueyoshi had the privilege of joining the team yesterday morning at the airport for their send-off. She shared this prayer with them which she desired to share with the home team as well.

"Father, you are everywhere. With you we have no fear. I pray your hand will be upon these missionaries to protect them, not only physically but spiritually as well. Protect them as they move forward. You know their hearts Father. Open up the highway for them and the children in Mussoorie to continue with the garden of faith hope and love that the original missionaries planted in July. Father I ask you to protect them from the top of their heads to soles of their feet. Protect them physically and spiritually from the enemy. And also protect them from the elements, the government and the difficult travel ahead as they do your work. This I ask in your name…. Amen"

She also took a picture of the team which I will try to post in a separate post.


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