Thursday, November 22, 2007

God is truly amazing!

This blog is so amazing... It contains our hearts and love for God!

We all arrived home safely with such joyful and grateful heart!
I am little dizzy (jet-lag) and sleepy, but I can't help but be glued to this blog as I am catching up with all the new posting. What amazing testimonies!

Greetings to all our friends in Mussoorie - pls invite Brother Joe to our blog - we would love to share with them how we all got closer to God through Mussoorie Children's Home...thanks to their obedience to God.

Brother Joe, thank you for who you are - altho I never had the chance to meet you - I share in the heart of the people of Mussoorie for the deep love they have for you. I wish we could have met on our last day in India, but I am sure God will give us another opportunity as we share the same road! :) Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your time with your Mussoorie family!

p/s: to all the girls and boys - We miss you guys so much already!

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  1. winding down in honolulu, on thuis thanksgiving, thankful for u and team and being able to serve in missourie. thanks ellen