Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! My son, Justin is doing great! Came home this morning and my daughter, Anna and son, Justin were doing fine. Justin is just a little sore but he is doing fine. We went to eat at Zippys restaurant this morning for breakfast and will be going to family for lunch and dinner. Thank you for all your prayers!!!

Our trip back from India went well! We had a great rest in Taipei and then a great flight from Taipei to Honolulu. The flight from and to India was just a God send.

Thanks Ashish, Girish, and Nixon and team for your loving hospitality. I will surely miss all the delicious food. Please extend our love to the rest of the family. Praise Jesus...what a loving God we serve!


  1. So good to hear that Justin is doing better and well! Praise God! Thanks Creighton on this special Thanksgiving Day... There ar no other words to express my deep gratitude for all that you've done...your strength, your obedience to God, your discipline, your discernment, your love for God is truly that of a true leader and servant of God. Jai Masih!

  2. thanks great news Creighton. thanks for leading the team through the whole 4 quarters..

  3. Welcome home, Creighton, to you and your team. It sounds like it was an amazing time and that the Lord used you all mightily. We thank God for your safe return and for how it sounds like Justin is okay and we will continue to keep you, your family, and your team in prayer!