Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hawaii to Japan to Taiwan

Aloha Home Team,

Firstly, thank you for your prayer covering. We can feel it, and it has already helped us avoid trouble...almost lost some luggage, almost got split up as a group because a passport did not have 6 months left. More importantly, we are safe, healthy and in good spirits. Two planes were not packed, so some of us got to sleep with a whole aisle to ourselves!

Secondly, mahalo for the great devotions. We have read two already since we skipped a day over the international date line. The Holy Spirit is strong...our eyes water and we get chicken skin reading the devos.

After 13+ hours of flying almost everybody is in bed at a beautiful hotel called the Miramar Golf and Country Club. We cannot believe that this is part of the China Air Service. Apparently the regular hotel is under renovation, so we are in something that looks like the Kahala Hilton. We thought to take pictures next to all the golf clubs but reconsidered after remembering so many of you gave generously for us to be on this trip.

Lastly, paraphrasing team member Kevin S. "My grandpa was an orphan. He grew up not having anything in an orphanage near Mokuleia. From this nothing, he worked hard and died a very wealthy man. Remembering my own roots as grandson of an orphan is one of the reasons I am going to this orphanage in India."

Yumi shared: "After the last India trip this summer, my idea, my desire, my dream was to take leaders from New Hope Diamond Head back to this orphanage. When we had a night to share about India to the church only one person showed up. But this one person (never been on a mission before) pursuaded almost everyone on this team to come. It really is a championship team: construction, farming, business, technology, education, even a social worker. Only the doctor was missing, but he said he'll go on the next trip. God is amazing. Can't wait to see what He is going to do."

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