Friday, November 16, 2007

Hello From Mussoorie - We Made It!

Hi Everyone! This is Paul, and I'm posting as Kiha because I forgot my password. This is copied from an email I sent to my prayer team.

Thank you all for your prayers, support, devos,and wonderful emails. I just can't express what an awesome experience we're having on this trip. God has brought so much favor to our trip. Every plane ride/connection, went so smoothly. On the first day (to Narita and Taipei), the planes were empty, so we got to spread out and
be comfortable. Fred and I had a row of 4 seats to ourselves on the long flight to Japan. In the Japan airport Iwe rushed to slurp down an udon and then it was off to Taipei. In Taipei, we stayed at a very comfortable hotel and got a good dinner, nice shower, and some rest. The next day we were off early to India, but it was easy
to get up because our bodies were still on Hawaii time. Fred was starting to get a cough, so pray for his health.

Getting though the airport in Taipei was really easy because we already had our
boarding passes and their airport security was really easy (didn't have to
take our liquids, computers, or take off shoes). The India flight was a little delayed and was a full flight, but this plane had personal movie screens at our seats, so we could watch from a choice of 50+ channels. Therefore the flight didn't seem that long. Once in India, we moved right through customs, no problem.

Our day in Delhi was interesting. It was very crowded and dusty and the drivers
are CRAZY. We ate at an Vegetarian Indian restaurant(which some of us were dreading), but it turned out to be pretty good. We had to wait around for an 11PM train ride to Dehradun, which was an experience, but we had sleeper class (bunk beds) and were so tired that everyone slept pretty well. We arrived around
5:30AM in Dehradun and had a one hour bus ride to Mussoorie,up a windy, bumpy road. We got to see the sun rise over the Himalaya's and see this city on a hill.

When we arrived at the Children's Home, the kids came out to greet us. God did not dissapoint and the feeling was just amazing. I got to spend some time with the kids
this morning and they enjoyed me taking their pictures and showing it to them. Then they wanted to take picture's of us with the camera.

We've been having a devo time each day, prepared by 8 people before our trip. Our hearts have been touched each time and the presence of God just seems to be building after each one, as there were no dry eyes, today, as we met in the Boys Home.

I wish you all could experience a trip like this. Everything has been beyond my expectations. Even the sanitary concerns which we were so dreading weren't that bad. We also found out that there are heaters in the Boys Home (something we were
told not to expect even though the temperature should be in the 30's tonight).

God has given us so much favor so far. I truly feel it is because of all your prayers. Even with all the travel, I feel rested and healthy (Halelujah)!!! Also, just happened to be in the Internet Cafe to follow UH's victory on the road. That's how I feel about this trip, and am looking forward to bringing back God's
victory from our own road trip.

That's all for now! Look forward to share more with you later as we spend the evening with the Boys and go to their church service tomorrow.

Love You God Bless You!!!

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