Monday, November 19, 2007

Jesus is so Faithful from Creighton Pt II

Hi I am back....

What I am so inspired by is the love the leaders have and the boys have for Jesus. It demonstrates to me how when you have nothing yet still give sacrificially that a trust in the Lord's love manifests in your life beyond what we can comprehend. Like in Luke where Jesus compared the widow who gave two VERY SMALL copper coins to the others who gave out of their wealth and said I honor the widow (even though the others gave more) because she gave sacrificially out of her nothing and the others gave out of her abundance. I can see how Jesus has blessed these boys here with a love and faith that is truly AMAZING that it changes your life.

Watching the boys pray for us is inspring. Their hands are clenched crying out to God and they go on and on with confidence that He hears the cry of their hearts. They pray with passion, they shake, they cry...they know that He has been faithful to their prays in the past and the power of prayer from a sincere love that honors Him.

Will continue more....Much Love. My life has truly been impacted by the people here!

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