Sunday, November 18, 2007

Laying down my life

We met 10 girls last night ages 14-25. They all have a gentle and quiet spirit. They all live on the orphanage campus. They are in school, some in bible school. Some of the leaders (5 of them) will share in chapel time. I noticed they each have an inner strength that comes through enduring the worst hardships...abandonment and abuse, some experiencing that as early as the age of 3. The pressure of their culture and the status of women does not give them freedom to talk about their hurts and pains. I shared my testimony and my own experiences of guilt and shame; they trusted us to share their struggles. Lots of healing took place. We were all filled with true joy. When the sharing is so deep, the bonds become so strong that there was no longer an us and them, but we really felt as one.

Church was humbling. It comes so natural for them to intercede for the community, to lay hands on each other, to outwardly reveal the working of the Holy Spirit. They are crying, weeping, jumping, even the little ones are playing their instruments. I am learning so much from them. There is no burden to serve. I see the power of corporate prayer where they are specific in who or what they are praying for. We hold hands...they truly lay hands. I want to commend Jill and Yumi for supporting me and encouraging me to share, to step out, and to speak in front of the congregation with Ashish interpreting. I remembered what the Lord said to Jeremiah about, "Do not be dismayed or I will dismay you in front of men," so I didn't test Him. (With Lanu Tilton's permission from home) I taught Jill and Grace to dance "Breaktrhrough" for the church. They did an incredible job. Many came up later to say that the hula really spoke to them, even a young couple who lost a baby yesterday.

An ongoing struggle in my life is to lay down my life, trust in Him (Prov 3:5-6), and to completely allow Him to be in control. I am seeing that there is no way to come this far on my own strength. Living this way on this trip, my joy is overflowing.

Thank you all for your prayers and support.


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