Friday, November 30, 2007

Love song for NHDH Leaders & Family

Hello NHDH Family and Friends,

i would like to share a poem with you which i guess express our Mussoorie Homes Gratitude towards the team leaders and family At NHDH.


I cried a tear, you wiped it Dry

I was confused, you cleared my mind

you gave me strength to stand alone, to face the world out on my own,

i neede you and you were there

you are my Love ,you are my friend,

its the way you make me feel,,

its the way you understand,

its the way you care and the precious love we share,

its all i ever needed, ita all i ever wanted.

i needed you and you were there.

you held my hand when i was cold,

when i was lost, you took me Home

you gave me hope, when i was at the end,

you turned my darkness into Light again,

i needed you and you were there,

you are my love , you are my friend.

God bless you all always.




  1. Thank you brother Girish. I still feel that I am right there with you brother!

    The amazing thing about us becoming one family was how easy it was. It felt very natural and right. When we talk with you guys, it feels like we are brothers of the same Father. Your family here has fallen in love with you all and....your family is mulitplying on a daily basis. It started when we were away and is growing on a daily basis.

    I really appreciate your heart Girish. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    I love you brother!


  2. thanks girish! That was summer things up perfectly. Thanks for your heart for the ministry and being so faithful to God's call on your life. Love you bro. Creighton

  3. That was beautiful Girish!! I so wish I had the honor of meeting you and Nikita and the rest of the family in Mussoorie. Who knows? Maybe some day I'll be able to make the trip!

    Bo Sueyoshi

  4. Unreal!!!...thanks Girish...miss cruising with you on trips to town!!


  5. Aloha Girish and Nikita ~
    Thank you for the beautifully written poem. I can see your heart and God's love through your words.
    You've become a gifted writer and I appreciate that !
    This is a love song to our Father in whom we share one spirit, one heart.

    May He abundantly bless you!
    love, chriso