Friday, November 16, 2007

My heart is so full!

This morning my heart is so full. It is hard to explain. My heart is bursting for these people and this place. I have heard my Dad's stories about growing up here, finally, now that I am here, in my heart, I feel like I am home. I realize how much my Dad loves it here...he is so affected...I see his heart is so soft. In fact, when he read Aaron's devotional about "giving out of nothingness," it was the first time I have ever seen my Dad cry. Because he couldn't continue reading, something in me made me walk up and take the devotional and finish reading for him.

For you back home, here is what I want you to know. In New Delhi while walking the streets, little children were pulling at my pant, begging me to give them some money. My heart broke everytime I saw them. I did not expect that.

Now I get to visit my Dad's school Woodstock.

Grace Matsuura
(17 yrs.)

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