Friday, November 16, 2007

Overwhelming Joy!

Our arduous journey has given birth to JOY! 19 hours on planes, 6 hours on train, 1 hour driving switchbacks that makes Hana look like H1 and we are here! We were so overwhelmed with joy that several of us sat in the car weeping as the children approached the car. The presence of the Holy Spirit was tender but forceful as David read the day's devotion. Aaron's message spoke to our souls and we all wept. Ashish thanked us for our tears. He shared that many of the boys no longer cry because of all they have gone through in their lifes and our tears were a blessing. Praises to our Lord that we can bless our Brothers and Sisters here in Missoorie even as our cups overflow.

To all of my prayer team - your continous prayers have paved our path with favor. Countless thanks. To my family - thank you for your love. I love you back with all my heart. jill :D

After our long journey, a total of 26 hours of just traveling we are finally here in beautiful mussooorie. The drive up the mountain took an hour through snake winding roads, at some parts it wouldn't even be big enough for one lane back home, yet it was a two way street. The cars only use the lanes as just guidelines. I was just blown away when we turned yet another hair pin turn, to find the wonderful Himilayas. It was just so amazing to see a part of God's beautiful world. Our team was overwhelmed with joy when we met the children we were praying for for the first time. We could see the joy pouring out of the kids, I was absolutely blown away. After all the kids have went through, they are just so positive. I am looking forward to all that God has in store for me.
Arden Matro

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  1. The sights and sounds must truly be awesome. We are following your every step on this journey and are so excited about what God has in store. Continue to seek His face! Love you all! dean