Saturday, November 24, 2007

Why Mussoorie?

Some have asked me why Mussoorie? Perhaps the team can help me to answer this? Being a local boy, I asked the same question. I used to think the same...that all my resources would help first the people of this community, here in Hawaii.

I now feel differently...let me share my heart.
1. First is that I have no doubt that this trip was God directed. That He wanted us to go to Mussoorie. The short answer is that God sent us to Mussoorie.

2. I think He send us to far off places to expand our hearts so that we can be stronger witnesses in our respective communities. Rather than a scarcity mindset of "either/or"...I think God thinks and operates in the paradigm of "ANDS". He sent me all the way to Mussourie and changed my life so that I can be a better servant here in Hawaii.

3. Going all the way to Mussoorie and seeing the love they shared for God definitely expanded my heart for how BIG and GIGANTIC our God is. That He is not just the God of Hawaii...that Jesus did not just save the people of Hawaii. God did something in my heart that made me understand without a shadow of a doubt that because of His obedience on the cross...the men and women of Mussoorie (way over there in India) are also my brothers and sisters. I felt that connected to them...something only God can do in my heart. I understand now the power of the cross in a greater way by going all the way to India.

4. Going to Mussoorie and seeing the sacrificial love and trust for God touched my life. We have more than we understand in our country...that I am not sure I would have been blessed by this kind of faith if we were sent to someplace in America. Sure there is poverty but our support systems are strong compared to the need that we saw in the children of India. Somehow in our abundance, we have become self sufficient and lost what it means to truly trust in God. The boys and girls of Mussourie blessed us with their faith that has been refined by years because of their sacrificial love in The Father. That despite times of plenty or want...they know that their God is faithful. Praise Jesus!!!

Know that this is me just sharing what God has done in my heart....I encourage you do to the same.


  1. Thanks for sharing with us your concise and heart-felt feelings on oversea missions ministry. I think most people understand it in their hearts but hard to describe it in words. ditto! Jai Masih!

  2. Creighton,

    Why Mussoorie?

    Initially, I too struggled with the thought of traveling so far when we have
    folks on our own island that could use the kind of help that we provided.
    After much prayer, I "got it" and came to the understanding of why God would
    call us to such a far place. The truth is, I don't think we could have as
    much an impact here as we did in Mussoorie. This mission was God sent. He
    knew exactly who needed what and who would be chosen to serve out His

    Without a doubt, God played the role of "tester" on the onslaught of this
    mission. He tested our listening, our faith & obedience. While on the
    trip He began to reveal and reward us. He tested us by revealing how dire
    the orphanage truly was. I believe He wanted to see how we would
    respond. The heart, the Think Tank, the Tech Gurus, all of us "got it" &
    "saw" what God revealed and without hesitation, we took a breath and began
    to dig into the work God has assigned us. Some of the team members began
    to step up and serve as never before. To me, the reward is that He revealed
    our "gifts".

    As I review our final devo, Matthew 11:2 ,3 brings it all home for me. In
    my mind, I hear Ashish asking the question which helps me understand our

    "John the Baptist was in prison, but he heard about what the Christ was
    doing. So John sent some of his followers to Jesus. They asked him, "Are you
    the One who is to come, or should we wait for someone else?" ?Mt 11:2,3

    Love you Bro,