Thursday, December 6, 2007

Namaste from Pradeep

Hello my name is Pradeep, and I am Ellen Didi's favourate. I am proud for that.; my ambition in life is to become an engineer. I want to serve my people in the hills. Along with this job I will share the love of God to them. I have the responsibility of taking care my grandfather and mother. In their old age I am the only hope for them.
I love Pizzas, I love to play soccer, and my dream place to go is America.


  1. Hi Pradeep!
    You are so handsome! Study hard so you can be a successful engineer. I wish I could send a bunch up pizzas up to you!! Love, Bo

  2. Namaste, Pradeep! It is nice to meet you. I am glad that you see it as your responsibility to take care of your grandfather and mother; I'm sure that they are very thankful and very proud of you. I hope to meet you someday. May God bless your richly as you continue to serve Him. Aloha, Barbara Gum

  3. Aloha Pradeep!!

    I am so happy to see you in this blog! I miss all of you very much! You still look very when I saw you in India. :) Please know that I am always thinking of you and all the boys. I will pray for your bright future as engineer (i love engineers!) and for your family.
    I look forward to more of your pictures and devotions. Love you, Ellen didi