Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What is Christmas to me- from Amit Kaushal

Christmas is a very important day for me because today Jesus is born for me. He is a very presious gift because
He does not born to rule as a king but he serve us and
And give his life for us on the cross. Although he was a
Great and mighty but he humble himself that he became
a servant and was equal to a man. If Jesus would not
die for me than I would not celebrate Christmas.
On his birthday, instead of receiving gift he
Himself gave me a gift as a salvation. Today I celebrate
Christmas day with joy, and enjoy all kind of gifts, but
It does not mean that I should take only but I also
give gift to those who are helpless because Christmas
means to give.
I always celebrate Christmas knowing
Jesus that how does he protect me when I was doing
sins, he save me by lying his life for me. Today I thank
Him for he left the heaven for me to show me the way.
He is great and mighty king and because of him only
I celebrate the Christmas.


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