Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Greetings From Oregon!!

Hi all!
Just got back from a wonderful visit with my parents in Corvallis, Oregon. I wanted to share with you all the above pictures:

1) First picture is myself with Karen Bell. She was going to be the mission leader to Mussoorie, but they were not able to raise the funds. She was extremely disappointed that they had to cancel their mission. But now she's so happy and realizes that God's hand was orchestrating EVERYTHING. NHDH picked up the mission and took it from there. She acknowledges that they would not have been able to commit long term as NHDH has. She asked me to say hello to all of you.

2) Second picture is the church that Karen, as well as my parents go to. It's called King's Circle Assembly of God, in Corvallis, Oregon.

While there I shared my photo album that Yumi/Ellen gave me of all of you. They all enjoyed the pictures. Karen was so touched that her name was on one of the papers that the children held up showing all our names.

Hope all of you are doing great. It must be COLD huh? It was 25-40 degrees while in Oregon.

Well aloha for now!


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  1. Thank you Bo for sharing those photos with us, we are gratful to God for giving us a big family.God is good, He has really blessed us beyond our imagination.
    In Him