Sunday, February 3, 2008

Cold & Fun in Mussoorie

Hello everybody,God is good to each one of us.The Children Home turns very quiet from end of December to the middle of February, as most of the boys go to visit their families and relatives. Some of them do miss their families when they return but there are few who would be waiting to get back to Home as the situation is very worse at their homes.Mussoorie got very cold, the temperature fall up to -5 degree sometime, turning the water in to ice, a bucket of water turned into full of ice by morning. The pipelines were blocked so we had to burn fire underneath the pipes to melt the ice. I am sending some of the pictures to share with you.But we feel the heat of the fire of God deep down our hearts these days, we have committed ourselves for prayers. So no matter how rude is the weather outside we offer our bodies as a living sacrifice. Every day at six, while it is still dark here, we go to the appointed place for prayer and fellowship. I dream it to continue till the Lord’s return and grow every day. Let’s join our hearts in this purpose and meet in prayer where ever we might be early in the mornings. Surely God has a bigger purpose in bringing all of us together, which we can’t achieve just with our own strengths. Love You AllAshish, Seema &Levi

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  1. How beautiful and fun!!

    I am always thinking of you guys...

    Miss you, Ellen (yumi)