Friday, March 28, 2008

Aloha! Jai Masih Boys!!

To my dearest Mussoorie boys,

It is so good to see your pictures on this blog!  
All of you look so handsome and your smiles are radiant!

As I was meditating this morning, all of you came to my thought.
So I came to check the blog to see some old pictures but I was so happy to see the latest picture of all my boys!  

I was so blessed this morning seeing your happy faces!  How I wish I can go back to Mussoorie and hug everyone of  you!

I love you guys very much and God loves you infinite!!

Mussoorie must be beautiful in spring time...

Also please send my warmest regards to the girls!  
I would love to see latest pictures of them too!

thanks Ashish for posting new pictures for us!  You are great!

All the love,

Yumi (Ellen didi)

1 comment:

  1. Thanks Yumi for that sweet comments, the boys always remember you with big smile in their faces. I have got some pictures of the girls I will be sending in the blog.