Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter!

Hey Brothers and Sisters,

Yahoo! He is risen!!! Isn't it just amazing where our King is also our suffering Savior? Man it just is way too big for me to grasp the depth of His love for each one of us. That Jesus gives us hope beyond the brokenness of this world. That as we choose to die to our selfish ways and choose to follow Him...that He will be faithful in giving us the fullness of life that He desires for us.

As we celebrate Easter here in Hawaii...I wanted to let each of you know in Mussoorie how you are in our hearts and how He has knit our hearts together. We hurt when you hurt and we celebrate when you celebrate. One of the greatest blessings in my life was getting to meet each of you last year. It deeply impacted me to see your trust in Him. The word "grace" will always have a deeper meaning because of the ministry of grace that I saw in each of your hearts. Many people talk about grace but for some reason I experienced it at a deeper level that it changed my life forever. Til this day...I cannot speak the word "grace" without the words of Ashish ringing in my heart...that we are all so grateful because everything we a gift of grace from God. That even in our wretched sinful nature....He love us and called us by name to Himself.

Thank you for your obedience...for the way you have touched and transformed my life. Love you all and pray His blessing on each of you. From your fanily in New Hope Diamond Head. Creighton

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  1. Dear Brother , Happy easter to all the family in Hawai. we serve a risen lord!! god bless you all. thank you for your love and support , we really appreciate it. thinking of you all always.
    girish & Nikita