Thursday, March 27, 2008

Three Days at Saat Taal(Seven Lakes)

Our boys are growing big, so it was in my heart that to take them somewhere after they finish final exam in their holidays. When Goldie called me for the fasting and prayer meeting, I knew that few of the boys will surely join me for these three days of prayer and fasting, starting from the 24th of March. I wanted to bring only seven boys in my eight sitter vehicle, knowing the distance was too far, appx. 375 km, but eight of them insisted to come with me. In the first day of our fasting Bablu, Guddu, Gopal & Rinku took water baptism. Well, when I was coming out of the water I felt God has got plenty of time to work into our lives; surely it has taken years of hard work and pouring into these boys lives. These four boys are of great charcter in the boys home.
I am so thankful to God for Bablu as he is growing up as a child of God. Yes it was not easy to deal with him in the early years for his sad background, but now after so many years we finally started seeing fruits in this boy’s life. He is a big handsome boy now, with a very sweet spirit and humility. He loves the Lord and is a upcoming leader in the boys home. May God be glorified through this flower of His garden.


  1. How I wish I could have joined you to the Seven Lakes! I am so proud of the boys!! God has such big plans for the boys!

  2. Thank you Lord Jesus for your blessings upon these young men of God! They continue to grow in your spirit and with blind faith, they will lead Mussoorie to the next level of faith and character.

    I'm so proud of all your Godly committments. Praise be to God!