Sunday, May 25, 2008

Update from Ashish, Part 2

Continuing Creighton and Ashish's email discussion:

Creighton: How is the church doing? Any testimonies of its impact in the community?
Ashish: As far as the Mussoorie church, the Lord is giving us a church building in another part of the city. Very soon we will have a new place for worship for the believers in other parts of the city. This coming May 23-25, we are doing a convention, "Mussoorie Festival of Hope '08." This is the first ever public meeting to reach out to the locals. We are doing this with other churches in Mussoorie. We are expecting at least a thousand non-Christians to come and hear the Gospel.
In the mission field, we sent five of our young men--Virender, Mahender, Stanzin, Deepak and Amik--to Bihar last month. Please pray for them. The are doing ministry among some of the hardest people of the nation. We got news that the pastor who had called them for ministry was severely beaten by the Hindu fundamentalists; even the pastor's family was not spared. We are hearing that a few of them had their hand broken because of the persecutions.

C: What prompted you to give away the van to another ministry?
A: We believe that whatever we sow, we will reap. So giving the van to another ministry was an act of faith. We are so emboldened after God's provision through NHDH that we wanted to bless another ministry. Yes, this act of ours has given a shock to our leaders; it was hard for them to believe. But we believe that we have a big God who knows our need and will meet our needs in His own way. It is always better to give than to receive. We want to bless others because others have blessed us; we don't want to keep the blessings to ourselves!

C: Give us an update on Girish and Nixon and their families.
A: Girish has become a daddy, and he is very busy with this new role.
God is giving new direction to Nixon. He will be joining Brice in ministry in the future; they will shift down to Dehradun as an extension of the work of the Mussoorie ministry. So in the near future we will send them with blessings to Dehradun, where he will be doing Church Planting ministry and Project Rescue works and Teen Challenge ministry with Brice. Please pray that this change will be smooth and bring glory to God and edification to the Church as a whole. We are used to this; there were many families in the past who had joined us and eventually moved on to further the work of God in and through their lives.

C: Thanks, brother! Thanks for being so faithful in updating the blog with pictures...we love it.
A: Love you, brother.

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