Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How Do We Do Engagement in India

I think some of you might be interested to know how do we do engagement in India. The bridegroom's parent ask to the bride's parent for the hand of their daughter in marraige to their son. When the bride's father gives his consent to the wedding then there is an exchage of vows between the bridegroom and bride,which says I love you, I want to marry you and till the day we marry I will wait for you and this is the token of my love towards you, saying that they will exchange either ring or Bibles. Then the bridegrooms family gives gifts to the bride's family. The clother and ornaments that they would have brought for the bride, she takes them and puts them on and comes out to meet the family members and guests. Acceting the gifts and putting them on symblizes that the bride's family has accepted the proposal. In the pictures you can notice that Puspa has put on a different dress a red saree later.


  1. Congratulations, OP and Puspa! And congratulations to the families, too. We could learn a lot about marriage and family and commitment from you folks. I know that the team is really looking forward to being there to celebrate your wedding with you. You will be in our prayers!


  2. CONGRATS TO YOU BOTH OP AND PUSPA!! God is great and faith to you both! Your sister in Christ, Janelle