Tuesday, May 27, 2008

One More Mile Stone in the Our Lives- OP’s Engagement

Yesterday day was a very special day Op and Puspa, they are engaged now. The family is growing, and our children and brother and sisters too. Both Op and Puspa are a part of our Home. Both of them come from non-Christian background. They accepted the Lord in different times and in different places but the Lord used the same ministry to save them. All glory to God alone.
Op is Dhan’s younger brother, when he accepted the Lord he knew that he is called for ministry and we have seen how submissive he is and sincere for the work of the Lord and very respectful to his elders. He is a godly young man.
Puspa comes from Tibet border. Her place is so remote and on top of hills that many would be afraid to go there. The Lord rescued her in one of our outreach program and she gave her live to the Lord. Since then we witnessed how she is hungry to do God’s will in her life and to fulfill the call that she has from God.
So it is amazing to witness how the Lord brought them together and we are grateful to God that now both of them will be serving the Lord together. Truly it is the Lord’s doing and marvelous in our sight.
God willing they will get married in the second week (10-15) of November. So we are anxiously waiting for that day and wish as many of our friends and family members to be present on this day with us. May the Lord God Almighty pour out His blessings upon Op & Puspa and upon all His people who belong to this family.

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