Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Sweetest things of life

Happiness is not in strength,or wealth ,or power or all three. It lies in ourselves,in true freedom,in the conquest of every ignoble fear, in perfect self government, in power of contentment and peace,a nd even the flow of life, even in poverty,exile, disease, and the very valley of the shadow of death.
Let a man be what he will, it is the mind and the heart that make a man poor or rich, miserable or happy; for these are always stronger than fortune,
Put on therefore Gladness that hath always favour before God, and is acceptable unto Him, and delight thyself in it; for every man that is glad doeth the things that are good, and thinketh good thoughts, despising grief.

The best things are nearest : breath in your nostrils,light in your eyes,flowers at your feet,duties at your hand,the path of god just before you, then do not grasp at the stars,but do life's plain common work as it comes,certain that daily duties and daily bread are the sweetest things of life.
A night's sleep, waht a miracle of mercy it is; and a new day with waking up of health to face it; yes,even a pleasant meal with ones household,is not that worth a thanksgiving? Or,an intresting book, and hour with an old friend, a sunday's quiet resting after a strained and weary week,or some new light of interst oe meaning in one's favourite line of study--it is such things a sthese,far more than great special blessings,which make up the sum of happy life; and it is such things ,if one would but htink of them more,and not always be taking them as a matter of Course,which would fill our days with thanksgivings to our creator, our abba father the Lord Jesus Christ.

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