Friday, June 20, 2008

Prince's Ear Surgery

When we took him to the doctor few days back we thought that he had got a minor problem of hearing in his ear. He was complaining about his hearing loss and continueal headache, the doctor after examining him said that, Prince could have died as the bones had started decaying in his ear, well we didn't understand some of the medical language, but I understood that his ear infection had started affecting his brain, for which he was having constant headache. We took him to the doctor at the right time. Prince had to go through a surgery, by God's grace he is doing well. I am personally thankful to the Chairman of the Hill Committee, Bro. Andrew McCabe for allowing us to cover the expenses of the surgery from the house rent.
Prince is doing great, though the doctor said it is very hard for him to regain his normal hearing.


  1. Lord God, we are so thankful for Your faithfulness, that you gave the doctors the skill to help Prince and that Your foresight provided the funds through the rent money to pay for his surgery. We pray, good Father, that Your healing hand will be on Prince, and that if it is Your will, You will heal him completely, restoring his hearing as well. We trust Your will, no matter what, because You know what is best for Prince and for Your will in his life.

    And as Prince continues to grow in Your grace and love, we pray that any limitations You place on him will only be to further Your work and will in His life. I pray in Jesus' almighty name, Amen.

  2. Hi Ashish,
    How is Prince's recovery going? Has his hearing improved? Been praying for his recovery!

    In his love,