Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Soon to be a beautiful garden

Oh, how all of them can work so quickly, we are preparing the ground for a beautiful garden, hope we can use this monsoon to bless our sorroundings.


  1. The boys look like they are working hard as well as having fun in the garden! We look forward to enjoying the fruits of their labor.

    Tell the boys that I now know the names of Anil, Promod, Neeraj Singh, and Neeraj and Manish Kumar on my desktop photo. I am learning a couple of new names every week. If the Lord is willing, I will meet them all in person in November.

  2. We saw visions of beautiful garden in the Children's Home during one of our prayer sessions when we were preparing for our first trip in July. God is indeed so faithful and amazing!

    All the boys look so handsome and happy! I miss you all!!

  3. Hello all!
    I love to garden. I grow lettuce, green onions, basil, rosemary and hot peppers. Please let me know what you've planted. This is very interesting to me!
    God Bless all!

  4. we will be planting roses, and...
    Oh sorry that's the only flower that comes to my mind, I don't know the names in english, well, when you come that will be a surprise waiting for you to discover.