Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Decided to share some pictures of our recent vacation to Santa Barbara! We took a week off and went to a ranch...hey no phones or TV in the rooms. Can you imagine me being disconnected! Phew...major withdrawls. Well it was a blessed time for me and the family...we went horseback riding and Justin and I went bass fishing on this huge lake.

This is my daughter Anna (7) and my son Justin (9).


  1. Hey Bro.
    thanks for sharing the picture of your kids, we love them.
    yea it's good to be out of touch with the outer world, we all need that time to time, there is lot's of blessing in that,looking forward to have a great time in Sept.

  2. Hey Brother,
    nice to see your wonderful children, they are so cute and sweet. May God bless your family abundantly and use you all for His Glory! Amen!!