Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bobby- the little musician shares his testimony

Hello, I am Bobby, some say I look like an Hawaiian Boy, may be one day, God willing, I will come there, but today I want to share my testimony with my God given family.
I come from the Himalayan mountains, where we have a lots of snow fall. We are two brothers, my parents are daily wagers, working in road. I was about three years old when my dad became sick, the doctors said he won’t live anymore, then as it is customary for the villagers to call the witchdoctors to send the spirits, still my dad didn’t get healing. One day as we were sitting in the home, one pastor came and said can he pray for him. He prayed for my dad and within two days my dad started to walk and was healed. Then we started to go to fellowship and read Bible at home. All our relatives and friends started humiliating us for accepting Jesus. But my family didn’t waver from faith and started to pray a lot. It was hard time but God strengthened us to stand firm in the faith. My elder brother became way ward with the boys of our neighborhood, so the pastor sent him to this Home. After my brother came to this place I became alone with my parents but though I didn’t go astray still then slowly the bad company of my neighborhood started to influence me too. Then parents felt it that since they can’t give a bright future to me either, they sent me to this Home. I am grateful to God and to the leaders of this place for allowing me to stay and grow here. I found a big family here. I had no sisters at home but I have so many sisters here. We have so many here who care for us. I always pray for our elders for their families so that God blessings would continue to be upon them to make them a source of encouragements to all.
I began to grow in the Lord here and know the word of God. We keep fasting and prayer often. In fact, today we had a day of fasting and I was so blessed. My hunger for the Lord has grown these days; I want to keep even more fasting and pray so that God’s name be glorified through me. I am grateful to God that He brought me here, and has chosen me. Surely He has a purpose for my life. Here I have learnt to play Piano, Guitar and Dholak and I want to learn to play Drums. The Lord has blessed me with music. And I want to bring glory to His name through my playing instruments.
My favorite scripture in the Bible is, Rom.12. Here I see how God has given us gifts for His glory. Rom.12:12 say, “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” My favorite food is Momos, (by the way they say I eat little more comparing to my fellow brothers here in the Home). I love to play cricket. My dream land is Hawaii. I want be a cricketer. My favorite character in the Bible is Paul, because he used to persecute the believers and later turned to be a servant of Jesus Christ. God chose Paul, I know God has chosen me too. I want to thank God for enabling me to share my testimony with you all. We do pray for you. May the will of God be fully done in my life for His glory.
With regards and love


  1. You know, I posted this once, but... oh well, perseverance pays.

    Bobby! What a blessing you will be to our worship team when they come to share their gifts with you in Mussoorie this November. You will also be able to share with each other!

    Thank you for sharing your life with us. We look forward to getting to know you and all your brothers and sisters when we come soon.

    Aunty Barbara

  2. Bobby!

    My dream place was always Hawaii as well and I actually moved here from Oklahoma about 2 years ago. Anything is possible with Christ in our Hearts!

    I look forward to meeting you and the other children in November!

    Always traust and have faith in our Heavenly Father! Through Him, all things are possbile!

    God Bless, you are in my prayers!


  3. Bobby, thank you so much for your spirit of joy and love that you shared while we were there. God has truly blessed you with the gift of music. It was a pleasure worshipping side by side with you giving praise to our Father with songs and music. We miss all of you so much.
    Burt and Paula