Friday, August 1, 2008

Guddu-Testimony of Garment of Praise instead of a spirit of Despair (Isa.61:1-3)

My name is Guddu, I am from the Himalayan mountains, when I came to this Home in 1999 I didn't know Jesus. My parents had died long before I had known Jesus. My mother used to tell me that I was born as a normal boy without any physical deficiency. I was about two years old I had a boil on my back and the doctor while doing operation by mistake cut my spinal cord, and ever since I lost sense in my legs. My legs started to twist abnormally I was unable to walk; I used to crawl on one knee, because of which my legs got deep cuts. We were so poor that we could not even able to buy one skate board. I used to fall sick always because of the wounds in my legs. We had so many problems at home. I had no hope in my life; I was thinking why did I take birth to see so many sufferings.
One day a Pastor came to my house and felt pity on me, then he sent me to hospital, and I was brought to this Home, but though I was given love and care, still then I was not giving much attention to what they were teaching to me. I came to know Jesus in 2001, but soon one more mighty wind blow over my life, my elder sister who meant so much to me died in her twenties, oh I could not take that after my parents she was everything to me. Her death made me hard as stone, and I almost started to believe that there is no God. I lost my faith; I thought I am all alone in this world. There is no one who cares in this world. But as I was leading a lonely, depressed life I began to realize that there is Some Body who is with me. I began to read the Bible again and Jesus became the Lord of my life. He became the hope in my hopeless life. I always thought there is no value in my life, but now Jesus showed me that He has given His life to save me. I am precious. God filled me with His Holy Spirit. Oh, the depth of my depression I can’t tell but now the Lord has given me a new life. I have no value without Lord Jesus Christ. He is my Lord and Saviour. I know God has plan for my life. I am thankful to Sis. Ellen and team for bringing a nice skate board for me last July. I am still using that, it is in very good condition even today.
I will write about my hobbies and more about myself later.


  1. Dear Guddu,

    Thank you so much for sharing your testimony. You are brave and righteous. I am so proud of you that you would persevere through your life experiences. Thank for you for sharing your faithfulness with us and for being an example of strength and not giving up. I am happy that you have found the Lord in your heart and that you live for him. I look forward to meeting you.

    Believing Gods Best for You!

  2. Aloha Guddu,
    I have pictures of you on my computer! Thank you for what you shared. You inspire us by your faith. We love you, and we love all of your brothers and sisters there in Mussoorie. I'll see you again in November.
    God bless you!
    Uncle Kiha

  3. Aloha Guddu!

    Sister Ellen is my very good friend. She told me all about you when she visited you in 2007. You have always been in my thoughts since she first mentioned you. And you are right... you ARE precious! and I believe you are precious to those around you.

    I think you will love Heidi when she comes to visit. She is a lovely lady with a very warm heart!

    God bless you Guddu!
    Aunty Bo

  4. Dear Guddu,

    How we all miss you Guddu! I miss your beautiful smile!!! I am praying for your health and your spirit. Thinking of you with love,