Friday, August 22, 2008

Promised Land - Srinagar (Bible School Report)

Aloha and greetings in the name of Jesus Christ, Our Lord & Saviour of the World !!

This is from the the Bible School (Discipleship Training Center- Mussoorie).

The Mussoorie Discipleship training was started to equip and empower servant leaders for this generation. It endeavors to adhere to the Great Commission given by our Lord to touch people everywhere with the love and gospel of Jesus Christ, and inspire and empower young men and women to carry the Gospel to the unreached places of Himalayas and North India.

Praise be to the Lord: this year God is opening a new door for Church planting. Deepak and Asha, a couple trained in our Bible School, now are ready to start a new ministry in a place called Srinagar, a beautiful town in the mountains, 7 hours drive from Mussoorie.

We are also prayerfully planning to send 3 of our graduates to another place called Haldwani, which is almost 9 hours drive away from here.

We request you to uphold these young new missionaries who venture out, carrying the torch of the Gospel.

Here are the names: Asha and Deepak (Srinagar); Mahender, Amit and Virender (Haldwani)

I am posting the picture of Srinagar; the brother who is starting the new ministry can be seen sitting in the middle.

Let's take our cities for God!! Amen ...

Regards and Prayers,
Nixon Moses
Uttaranchal Training Center

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  1. Dear Brother Nixon,
    I hope you forgive me for the editing... We were unable to read the post because of the color of the printing, so I removed the color commands from the html. Now we can share and rejoice in your wonderful report!

    I am so excited for these disciples who will be taking the Gospel to new heights throughout your country. I hope you will continue to share their adventures with us as God works in them and through them to do His will.

    Is it selfish to hope that they will be coming to Pushpu and OP's wedding so that we can visit with them? God's will be done here as well!