Friday, August 15, 2008

Reminders for NHDH Travel Team

What a blessing it is to continue to hear from the boys of Mussoorie! Make sure to comment if you are blessed by their testimonies.

In that same vein, I would like to remind those of you who are traveling to Mussoorie in November to share a little bit about yourselves, especially through Creighton's request that we each share a scripture and how God confirmed our call to be a part of the November team. Home Team, you can also share why you might feel called to be praying for the Travel Team (my blessed Jill and Arden!).

If you haven't noticed the little blurb in the upper right box, our next meeting is Wednesday, 8/20, at 6:30 pm at the Kahala Resource Center.

See you all Sunday!


  1. Thanks Barbara for all your encouraging words, it means a lot to the boys and to all of us here.
    The boys are very keen to know the comments.You all are doing a marvellous work for the Lord,by lifting their spirits by your encouragements,may the Lord see it and reward you immensely.
    ashish, seema

  2. Dear Ashish and all you boys,
    You are truly the ones who are blessing us. Your testimonies are such an encouragement and a reminder, just like Arden said, of how much God has blessed us all on both sides of the world and consequently, how much responsibility we have to others to continue to share the gospel.

    I am so encouraged to hear how the boys have such conviction to share with their families in their villages about Jesus, and about how they persevere even in the face of ridicule. On our side of the world, it is easy to become complacent because our idols are not so obvious as those in India. So as we pray for you all to always persevere, we ask that you pray for us to not become idle but to always share the love of Jesus with all whom we meet!