Monday, September 29, 2008

The Value of Mission trips for the Children

I asked the boys how they get benefit from the mission trips; well here are the answers that the boys gave me
1. They don’t have to come and visit us but still then they chose to come and spent time with us.
2. We could share our hearts with them and also listen what they share with us that helps us to grow in our prayer lives.
3. We see the love of God in their lives.
4. We see how big our God is.
5. It is the plan of God that we have a bonding together.
6. It is more than enough for us that though we live so far away from each other now we know each other.
7. They invest their earnings on us, it is because of their love, and we believe that God would surely reward them.
8. By their coming we feel that it’s a reunion of family after a long gap. We wish they would not have departed from us.
9. Their presence gives a new boost in our worship to the Lord. Our hearts fills with the joy of the Lord. Our walk with the Lord strengthens.
10. God has provided our needs in the past He will do so in the days to come, but we treasure this mission trips and we look forward to it always.

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