Saturday, October 11, 2008

Message from Joe

I first set foot in India in 1991. From the first day a love for India was birthed in my heart that has never left me. After years of tears, trials and many errors the work began to grow. It is all due to the Grace of God. In us there is no good thing, but the living Christ who abides in us is able to do all things well. God's blessing has showered and many came to the knowledge of Christ and found the hope that only comes thru a realtionship with Jesus. By the year 2005 we were content to relax and enjoy watching the disciples around us grow and take on new responsibilities. Every day was exciting just to hear what God was doing thru His choosen servants. Then the Lord as he often does shattered our contentment. He began to speak to us that it was time to move on to other fields. We prayed and struggled with the Lord but to no avail. We have been bought with a price and we are no longer our on. We belong to the Lord. In the end all we could say was, "Your will be done." With my wife and 3 sons we moved to Laos to fulfill the vision God had placed in our hearts. Not knowing what would happen, as Paul with many tears entrusted the leaders of Ephesus to carry on the work, so we entrusted our wonderful friends in India into the hands of the all loving God who is able to provide and prosper His people.
It seemed in the begining like all that we had worked for would crumble. Opposition came against Ashish, Dhan, Nixon and Girish from within and without. At one point they were told to leave by some leaders who were truly wolves dressed in sheeps clothing. All we could do was pray and call out to God. Over and over we prayed knowing that the One who began this work was faithful to complete it. Our friends also prayed and fasted and believed that the Lord who had called would be faithful. To God be the glory when the night seemed darkest our Lord raised up partners from NHDH in Hawaii.
I could never fully express my gratitude to all of you who have stood with this ministry. Know that you are not only partnering with wonderful people in India but you are also touching lives in Laos. If not for your obedience to Christ to partner with our friends, I don't know if we would have had the courage to remain in Laos. We have finished our first year living in Laos and the work is growing. We have 45 people in our discipleship groups and 12 young people have found Jesus as there Lord and saviour. None of these had ever previously heard the name of our Lord. God is faithful. By partnering together the work is expanding. In the coming days who can dream what the Lord might do thru us as we join together. Today India and Laos and tommorrow the ends of the earth.
Thank you again for your faithfulness. I am eternally indebted to you all. May the Lord richly bless you all.

A pilgrim in the Way,



  1. Thanks Joseph for sharing your heart. Your posting encourages me beyond what you can imagine! I am wiping away tears as you share your heart. The Lord has done something great in the brotherhood that He creates as we are obedient to His kingdom plans.

    Your heart shines so much in Ashish, Nixon, Girish, Dhan. I have tremendous respect for your radical obedience to Christ!

    Pray that one day we can meet and celebrate His faithfulness, sovereignty and love.

    In His Grace,


  2. "Know that you are not only partnering with wonderful people in India but you are also touching lives in Laos."

    Thank you, Joseph, for allowing us to partner with you as well. You can only begin to imagine what God has worked in our own church body through the opportunity to partner with the work in Mussoorie. You see how He has answered your prayers for India (and we are so glad to be an instrument in the answer to those prayers); I see how He has worked to make us stronger in Hawaii through your prayers for Mussoorie.

    It is so humbling and yet so faith-building to realize that we are in the midst of such a powerful work of God's hand. To sit here and list the names of those whose lives God is touching in this work (Joseph, Ashish, Girish, Nixon, Virender, Creighton, Kiha, Fred, and on... and on...) would probably clog up even cyberspace!

    Thank you for being obedient in 1991 so that we could have the opportunity to be obedient in 2007. I look forward to meeting you and your beautiful family someday.

    In Christ's Love,

  3. OOps!!! I realized that"leaders dressed in sheeps clothings" is very strong words.

    God have mercy.Amen.

  4. Aloha Brother Joseph!
    Karen Bell, of King's Circle AG, in Corvallis, Oregon would like to say "hi!" She said a couple of years ago, she had some contact with you when they were planning their mission to Mussoorie (which, in the end, they had to cancel.)
    God Bless!
    Bo Sueyoshi

  5. Dear Joseph,

    Thank you so much for your post. Is a privilege to partner with you and our brothers and sisters in India. We all serve the ONE and True King. All the glory is for Jesus!

    Much love,