Friday, October 3, 2008

Sanjay's Story: Forgiveness is what we receive and give.

Dear friends I am Sanjay, glad to share my story with you all.
I am of age 18, I have been here since last five years. I am grateful to God that I was accepted in the Home though I was grown up when I came here.
My dad is a below normal person, who can’t speak properly, a semi-mentally challenged person. My mother was also a very simple lady. We were a joint family. One day when I was only four years old, I found that my mother had to rush to the hospital cause her body was 95% burnt, on her death bed she said that she was burnt by my aunty and she died.
My aunty was envious to my family, and very dominant. She even used to beat my father. We were two brothers, after the death of my mother our life became miserable. We two brothers were the victims of her torture. I can’t narrate all those old days.
I was sent to this Home, with a bitter past I came to this Home. When I came here I didn’t know the Lord. But soon I found myself surrounded by children who pray daily.
I grew in the knowledge of God and came to know the living God. Jesus became the Lord and saviour of my life. My heart filled with God’s love, I could forgive my aunty, and all my bitterness is gone. I received a new life.
If I had not come to this place, I would have continued in that ditch, without hope.
I want to join in the army when I grow up. John 3:16 is my favorite verse. Job is my favorite character of Bible, because he overcame all the trials that fell on his life. Football is the game I like. Let will of God be done in my life. Amen.


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  2. Thanks for sharing your story. Your story is a testimony of God's love and grace. I am grateful for teaching us a lesson of forgiveness. May the Lord watch over and guide you each day. Aloha, Arthur

  3. Thank you for sharing your story, Sanjay. May God use you and your testimony in mighty ways for His glory.