Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Austen from India

Greetings from Mussoorie, and Happy Birthday Austen,
As they say in Hindi, "Janamdin Mubarak!" Ellis and I are having an incredible journey seeing God and his miracles throughout this trip that I vow never to say the word miracle again. Using the word "miracle" to me places a limitation on what God and truly do. I can't describe it in words or in pictures so I can't wait to share it with you all in person. And even then, I will not be able to fully do them justice.
Last night at Woodstock was amazing. I am pictured at Woodstock with Pastor Ashish of the orphanage and Burt and Paula Deperalta of our worship team. Time and time again, the students there told me, as well as the rest of the team, that that was the BEST CHAPEL SERVICE EVER! The door has been opened and so we now have the responsibility to continue the relationship between our church, the orphanage, and Woodstock.
And today, we had the honor of being guests at OP and Pushpa's wedding. Note Ellis all decked out with Amit and Manish waiting for the reception to begin. And I tell you that Ellis' appetite has been healthy!
I love you Jill; thanks for encouraging me to take this mission trip. This has opened my eyes as to how big our God we serve is. And to Avery, Arden, and Austen; Daddy loves you!
Happy birthday again, Kuhi. Let' s celebrate when we get back.


  1. It's really me, Dean. I used Fred's account and forgot to change the name.

  2. hey daddy, kuya and the rest of the gang!!!

    mom texted me today and told me to check out the blog. so here i am, eating w/ devon in the cafeteria, smiling and laughing at your blog.
    (don't worry, we have an hour break-we ARE NOT ditching class)

    im glad to hear that you guys are having fun and that God has been with you the entire trip. haha im also happy to hear that kuya's diet is healthy! i saw the pictures of the wedding-THEY ARE SO AWESOME!!

    i love you too and give hugs and kisses to everyone from me :D
    btdub, everyone = EVERYONE


  3. Dean -- you are so funny! Of COURSE we all know it is you!!!

    And I never thought to say that "miracles" limit God -- how awesome to think that He is even bigger than that!