Monday, November 24, 2008

Mahalo Suni and Judy

One of the biggest blessings to the children was an autographed photo from NASA Astronaut and India Heroine Sunita "Suni" Williams. ALL the children knew who she was; they said that they studied about her in school and they watched her during her takeoff and landing. Pastor Ashish said that the whole country watched. Pastor kept shaking his head and saying "WOW, WOW, WOW. Sunita Williams!" Suni wrote on her picture "to the Mussoorie Children's Home, Believe in your dreams." We told them that she flew up in the shuttle and lived on the International Space Station and took record breaking spacewalks! A huge mahalo goes to Judy Hayes NASA Deputy Division Chief who arranged sending the photo and the NASA folding paper Shuttles, rulers, pencils, maps to the International Space Station, and stickers all as a surprise to the children. When I opened the FEDEX package, I cried as the photo was a surprise to us too. Out of over a billion people in India, Suni and Judy would send personal encouragement "Believe in your dreams!" to these little ones. What a story it will be when Promod or Sundeep or Mahima or any of these in the picture becomes an astronaut too! God bless you for making all of us feel so special.

The kids can look up her bio at:

Me ke Akua pu,



  1. Kiha,
    The more I get to know you, the more I feel blessed to be called your brother. Thank you so much for your steadfastness in His service, and being a bridge to bring hope in all our lives. Thank you for all you do, especially when it turns out to be one of the biggest blessings to the children.

    Love you bro,

  2. Dear Brother Kiha,
    What a blessing you are to the children home. Thank you so much for being a willing instrument for the master's use.
    You can't imagine the photo of Sunita William, how precious is that to all of us. It is something, beyond our asking and thinking. God is able and He is eternally great.
    It is just an glimpse of what He can do for His children.
    It is really so much for all here that Someone so big for this country knows us and thinks for us, and takes time to do something for us. Oh! It is mind blowing. I am deeply humbled by this act of her.

  3. Kiha,
    I thank God for your gracious, faithful and loving heart! I thank God that I'm priviledged to even know you. What a testament that God's hand is orchestrating what is happening.. literally a worldwide relationship with NHDH and Mussoorie. It's a joy to see how more and more are becoming involved (Woodstock! NASA!)..... WOW


  4. Aloha Uncle Brad,
    How are you? I am fine and doing well in my study, thank you for coming here and for sharing your love with us and thank you for praying for us. I miss you and pray for you, pray for me and for my family so that they can know Jesus Christ our savior. Specially pray for my grandmother because she cannot stand up from her bed. I pray for you every day when I do my personal time with God.
    Thank you for letting us know that we are special in God’s eyes, we all are special in God’s eyes. God has a plan for our life and wanted us to walk according to his plan. I want to encourage you and want to say that ask for His guidance in your life and just let God use your life as he wants. His plans are good and worthy of praise.
    Thank you for spending your precious time with us and for encouraging me. We are one family in Christ. You will be always in my heart, I will pray for you and for your family.