Friday, November 21, 2008

Missing You - It hurts!!

Your coming and staying with us has changed us beyond measure. We all have found true love and care in you. Oh how much we are accepted by you all, just as we are. No need to put up something to show for acceptance. I am deeply humbled by your love and the favor that God has given to us in your sight. I give glory to the Lord God Almighty for what we have today, a gift of a family from Hawaii.
When you come to visit us, we see the atmospehere being charged up with laughter and singings. I am not saying that we don't have afterwards, but honestly we see ourselves soaked with the love and the presense of the Lord. We are encouraged and surrender our lives to fulfill the call of God vested in our lives. Not a single soul is left out from this. We are not the same ever since we met you. God is doing a deep work in all of us, and everytime you come you revive us.
Thank you Pastor Fernando, for coming and spending your precious time with us.
Well, all of us are going through, hopefully, a little period of depression,but some of my children are not that strong or mature to handle this. Some are sheding tears as we all miss you. You surely have left a deep mark in all of us.
We love you and everyday we are praying for you.


  1. Pastor Ashish,
    I am glad you and Girish made it back safely to Mussoorie. I can't imagine one crazy bus ride from Delhi, but two in 5 days?

    Thanks so much for opening your home and hearts to us. The bridge we are developing is a two-way street. We receive as much, if not more so, from you, Seema, and the children.

    Please pass along my love and aloha to everyone.


  2. I miss you guys so much! Please let everyone know that my heart is torn in two Mussoorie and back here in Hawaii. With warmest aloha and much love.


  3. Who could have imagined that I'd fall in love with you all so quickly.. but I did. My cup runs over with joy to have met family in India; yet my heart aches to be so far away. Thank you, Pastor Ashish, Sima, Girish, Mamul, and all the children for your incredible example of Jesus. Until we meet again... Paula

  4. Let us know which of the children are having a little harder time of it, and perhaps besides praying for them, we can find practical ways to assure them of how much we love them, even from far away, and that we will be back.

    Barbara Didi

  5. I wish I could explain how much it meant to me to spend those 5 days with you and all the children. It was so hard to get in the taxi and say goodbye. My heart has been changed and the love I was shown taught me how love others better. I miss you all so dearly and please send my love to the children.

    Always in prayer,

  6. Thanks to the unknown photographer, who put the photo along with my post, if any of you wondering that is a nice picture, then the credit goes to this secret editor. Not to me, I didn't put that photo.

  7. Aloha Ashish,
    Thank you, Seema, Girish and family for your hospitality. Although I am home in Hawaii, a part of me remains in India. Pls. tell the children that I miss them and love them. May the Lord continue to unite us in love for him and each other. I will keep all of you in my prayers.

    Much love, Carolyn

  8. WE miss you too and always remember you in our hearts. Say to pili sister that Jaidev(JD) is realy missing you a lot and saying that He wants to talk to you. You all will be in our hearts for forever. Just missing you and hoping that we will see each other very soonj.