Friday, November 21, 2008

When we came back to the station to take our vehicle.....

We returned from Delhi to Dehradun railway station to take the vehicle from the place where we had parked in the evening 7 pm, and saw that our vehicle has a flat tyre. I didn't belive that because we reached safely to the railway station, we assumed some one must have played a mischief. When we searched for the tools to open the spare tyre, realized that the boys had taken it out to fix something in the Home. Then we borrowed the tools from someone who had parked the car beside us, and when we opened the spare tyre we saw even that one has no air in it.
Then I realized if something like this would have happened to the vehicle on the road while driving from Mussoorie to Dehradun, then surely we would have missed the train. When we finally fixed the flat tyres, we saw that someone had not played a mischief with us, but in the same tyre there were three punctures. Well, unless God's grace, surely we would not have made to the railway station.
I reminded myself of some valueble lessons:
1. Not to call stranger cab drivers, they can come drunk to drive for my precious people. Not again to take the risk.
2. Start early. At least three hours before.
3. Make sure you have tools and your spare tyre is not a flat tyre.

Love you brothers and sisters, you people are such humble, never demanding and you can adjust to any situations. May God's favor continue upon you, so that if there is a flat tyre still then you reach safely to the destination.

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  1. Ashish, I'm sorry to hear what happened and I believe your advice is correct to always start early. Glad you made it home safely and thank you again for everything! My experience there with you and the boys was amazing and I'm missing you all so much! You all will continue to be in my prayers and I pray to visit again next year. Thank you for your love and hospitality.