Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Fruitful Academic Year

Oh! I am so relief, so happy and content today.
You know in India, the education is tough, and the expectation is too high from the society. Every parents expect that their children go to the best school and passes in high grade. Some time to give good education the parents imbalances their budget, well this is something we had done this year, and thank God for His provision for the boys education.
This was the first year that we as parents were waiting so eagerly for the boys’ results and today we received the final results of ten boys and nine of them have passed. These boys were preparing for the exams while the team was here. This particular school which is too expensive, at least for us and the demand is too much, either the students who study here would thrive or collapse. To pass in the entrance to get in this school is a big deal. The only boy who failed in this school could not handle the pressure from the beginning, but others took the challenge and passed. Now they are even more aggressive for their studies.
I am so happy to see the boys excel in their studies as well as in singing, worshiping, in games, and in music. This academic year is better than the last years. Two of our boys Ajay and Gopal will be writing their high school board exams in March, and we are confident that they will pass in flying colors. I am happy, for Christmas I think these are some of the trophies I can boast about.


  1. Congratulations Pastor Ashish, what a great victory! Please tell the boys I am very proud of them!!!

    You all continue to be a living testimony of God's love, favor, and grace. Great job boys in believing in yourself, your purpose and that all things are possible through Jesus Christ. Ajay and Gopal, I look forward to a good report in March!

    Love, Aunty Carolyn

  2. Good job Boys ! What a great accomplishment for all of you. Do your best - pray and thank God for the studies He has prepared for you. Thank you Pastor Ashish and BC,Diler for supporting the boys in their studies. Great things will happen for all of you.
    Persevere for His kingdom !

    love, aunty chris