Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Special Day with the Woodstock Students.

Yesterday was a great day for the boys as the students of Woodstock wanted to give the boys a treat, so the students made "Alu Ka Paratha"(Stuff Parantha) for the boys, it was really a great fun time, later they took the boys to woodstock school to be a part of the fire crackers, the boys really enjoyed a lot.
Today, it was an humbling experience for me and Op, as the senior students had invited us to be a part of their " Agape Fellowship", the name had been given after the retreat, where the students meet to worship and pray every Sunday. I could share my testimony and spoke about the grace and faithfulness of in my life and in the ministry and encouraged them to keep walking with the Lord.


  1. What a great day this looks like! How many of the boys did they take up to Woodstock? It would have taken a bus to get them all up there!

  2. well, the boys walked to the school, they were accompanied by the woodstock students after the meal, and they returned themselves after the show. They had a great time in the event!!

  3. Okay, I KNOW I've been gone too long when I forgot the joy and ease of walking to where you want to go!