Saturday, October 24, 2009

We need God to Move- Please join us in Prayer.

Anil’s mother and grandma arrived in Mussoorie a few days back. They have not come to take the boys; Anil’s mother is in a dire situation. She has gone through a lot of suffering and rejection in life for such a young age. Her first husband (Anil's father) abandoned her. For a single woman it is very difficult to live in the society, as there are so many evil eyes, so Anil’s grandma, thinking that the daughter's husband would never come back, gave her in marriage to a second man forcefully. Meanwhile, Anil and Sandeep came to Mussoorie. After one more child, this second husband became a drug addict and never took care of the family. To meet the needs of the family, Anil’s mother had to come to us.

There is bitterness and anger in both Anil’s mother and father’s heart for each other. Each of them are saying to me, "don’t even give the child to the other party, but I trust you so you are the father to the boy." We are sandwiched between two enemies. We desperately need God’s wisdom to tackle this situation. We wanted to save the boy’s life from being victimized because of the elders. Now the mother needs healing within; please pray. They want to stay with us for two months.

We know God has His hand upon her life. So it is an opportunity for us to show the love of God and to allow the Lord to heal her wounds. We also pray that she finds new life in the Lord and her entire family be saved.

Please pray for the second husband who is in the village; pray for this entire family to have new life in the Lord and so family stays together in the Lord.

I am excited to see how things are going to unfold.

The first husband is in Malaysia, and he is reading Bible there. He is a secret believer, but has not forgiven Anil’s mother. Please pray for God’s abundant grace upon this man’s life, too. He will be back after three years; before he comes, there should be a mighty transformation in these peoples’ lives.

Sometime I wish the situation to be little less complicated, but the bigger the problems the mightier the glory of God.

Only God can bring a change in these people’s lives. Only the Spirit of God can bring a new life to them, but we will prayerfully sow the seeds through our lives and word. Please do pray for us also.

Both Anil and Sandeep are sick from mild fever and cold. Please pray for them too.
The little kids in the picture are Krishna and Levi. Krishna is the stepbrother of Anil. His mother has applied a bunch of "Kajol"(a black paste kind of thing) beneath his eyes for two reasons: first it is kind of a eye treatment, and the second reason is to keep all the evil eyes away from him. Remember, they have not yet accepted the Lord as their personal saviour.


  1. We will definitely be fasting and praying on behalf of Anil's family for God to do mighty works for His glory in this family. Thank you for trusting us with this request, Ashish.

  2. I was just thinking about these boys this weekend and praying for them. I pray that God continues to raise them up into mighty men of God and that he will do a mighty work in their whole family. I am glad they have such a great spiritual dad in you Ashish!

  3. Dear Pastor Ashish and family ~
    I am praying as I read your story. I pray that God's intervention between Anil's family will sweep them up so they can see Him through your works and Anil and Sandeep's prayers. Praise God they came to Mussoorie ! Somehow, God spoke to them.

    aunty chris