Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Could Not Wait to Share This !!!

Well, the picture below of Sandeep and Anil is to remind us of what had happened at the beginning of this year. Praise God that He opened the door for us to go and rescue these boys. But on that journey I came across many people who became very special to me.

First of all, the grand maa: though she had deceived us, for some unusual reason I felt as if she needed our unconditional love. The second person is Anil's step father, who had come miles in the dark to escort us when we had gone to meet Anil's mother before going to rescue the boys. And the third person is Anil's mother. From our first meeting, I had a strange feeling that she is a chosen vessel. I did not share this impression with anybody because the purpose of our going to that village was different--all we thought about was how to save these two boys. I figured, even if the Lord has some plans regarding Anil's mother, maybe He will carry them out through someone else.

But a few days ago Anil's mother and grand ma came here. We shared our home and allowed the Holy Spirit to work in their lives. Without pushing the gospel on them by our words, we shared it through our actions. We wanted the husband to join the family, so that one more family should not be broken. The Lord answered our prayers, and the husband came to Mussoorie. They have been staying here for last few weeks, and I could not wait to share this with you all, about what the Lord has done in their lives.

They all have come to the faith, they believe in Jesus, and they want to commit their lives to Him and accept Him as their Lord and Saviour. Seeing their hunger to know the Lord, I explained to them the way of God. Now all of them want to take water baptism and profess publicly their faith. Is it not the Hand of God working in their lives? Who could have imagined this before few months back?

Before leaving this place, the mother and the grand maa want to take water baptism. Please pray for the husband: he is slightly weak in his faith, but I believe the Lord will surely strengthen him, too.

I know God is answering all of your prayers, and we see the hand of God each day in this place.
May God be glorified in and through each one of our lives.


  1. Thank you for sharing - it's a great news!!! Just amazing how God works in everyone's lives! Reminding us that faith and obedience is key.

  2. What an awesome outcome to what seemed so tragic just months ago. We will continue praying for Anil's family, that God will show them his will for their lives.

  3. Praise God for His love ! Praise Him in all things ! Thank you Pastor for sharing. I am rejoicing in the Lord right now ! I will pray for more to come to know Jesus.

  4. Pastor Ashish,
    When joy overflows, it overflows abundantly! Thanks for sharing, being obedient, and being a witness of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

  5. Man that is so awesome. Give our love to the boys.